The internet and broadband connections allow for versatile communication methods, and VoIP is one of them. This IT services utilizes a business/person’s internet in place of a traditional telephone line, allowing said user to make and receive calls with their ISP. Modern VoIP phones are also provide a variety of functions, like voice call and chat options.

Using VoIP phone systems for your business is easier and more affordable than ever. VoIP systems have many advantages over traditional phone systems. Using VoIP, phones in multiple locations function as part of the same system. Whether they are next door, across town, or across the world, phones can be answered, attended and transferred.

We provide enterprise-grade multi-vendor telephone systems affordable for your business. Below are some of the great features of VoIP System:

  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Multi-site Support
  • Use your own bandwidth model
  • Find me, follow me
  • Voicemail to email
  • Custom greetings and routing
  • Call recording and conferencing
  • Unlimited area codes

With RSV Infotech your business will receive the best hardware and software to run your VoIP or UCaaS systems and get the world-class service from our personal consultants.

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