Data backup involves the preservation of information in case of unforeseen problems, such as natural disaster, malicious intrusions, hardware failure, and more. Often a business refers to this as a “BDR Strategy” (backup disaster recovery). For most organizations, having some form of backup is mandatory in order to prevent issues like downtime and critical information loss.

Sales records show that the number of customers purchasing servers is continuously increasing. However, there is still a significant percentage of users who do not accompany their servers with a backup solution – roughly 30%, in fact.

Unfortunately, hacking incidents and accidental data removal are becoming a regular occurrence more than ever. Not being able to apply precautionary measures can be devastating to your business server. Mistakes like removing files are actually unavoidable; panicking won’t achieve anything. Also, it is not a matter of how cybercriminals will get into your system, but when.

Technology is an upbeat industrial advancement – it bounces and leaps beyond imagination. This can be unapologetically damning – but there is nothing you can do but adapt to it. The saying “Prevention is better than cure” might be the tritest thing ever, but it holds true to this day.

Our team at RSV Infotech can do more than just prevention when it comes to your company files. We have formulated pioneering business disaster recovery strategies in preparation for the worst possible scenario you might experience. Devising contingency plans is a standard procedure in business. Therefore, consider getting a regimented backup solution as such before it is too late.

At RSV Infotech, we want to cover the necessary bases possible when it comes to matters relative to data recovery. All of our services run on a real-time basis. This means you can completely restore your files in their most recent state, which prevents discrepancies in recovering your information.

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Few backup solutions
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Disaster Recovery

Running your business without hassles can be a tough job, especially when you have encountered sudden mishaps affecting your data. Our disaster recovery service can greatly help you to prevent your operations from going downhill. Each second counts and you don’t want your business to lose its momentum due to mischievous incidents like information leakage.

Data Recovery

Have you accidentally removed your files? Has something happened that made them disappear without your influence? Are your files corrupted and you do not know why? Well, you can rely on our data recovery services. The good news is, there are ways to recover a lost file since you cannot obliterate it that easily. We can assess your situation and determine whether it is possible to retrieve your data. If things go sour, we can propose alternative solutions to alleviate your concerns.

Backup Software

Our cloud systems are pretty much advances, so you can back up your files as immediate as possible. In addition, we are adding extra layer of protection by utilizing encryption measures. Encryption renders data illegible even to the most sophisticated hackers. This ensures that your backups are secure and in place.

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